The Story Behind the Launch

We are so excited that after 15 months slogging away behind the scenes our little baby has launched online.

At Nissi our purpose has always been to bring the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle direct to you. What does the Mediterranean lifestyle mean to us? Community and intergenerational connection; vitality, wellbeing and the celebration of life; recognising beauty in simplicity.

When starting out it became clear to us that we wanted to offer something different, not just what you’d find in every other corner store that dots our coastline and regional towns.

We decided early on that for us it felt important that we not only understood the the background of each product that we wanted to stock, but that we also knew the story behind each brand and designer. It was also imperative that the products were made from high quality materials and either designed and made in Europe/the Mediterranean or Australia.

We’re proud to say that we have meticulously curated a collection of brands and products for our first drop that represents everything we set out to achieve. Each of the pieces we’ve identified for our first collection speaks directly to the Mediterranean way of life.

Natasha from LXS has built her business around the idea of connection, and this is just what her backgammon boards deliver - an opportunity for young and old to put away the screens and connect over the shared love of a game or learning a new tradition.

Mara from Etoile has designed the most beautiful hand embroidered resort-wear to elevate any visit to your favourite Greek island (or your Yiayia’s house), each design a celebration of culture and tradition passed down through generations.

Elena from Pilos evokes the rugged Hellenic landscape though her one of a kind ceramic creations that hark back to forms from antiquity. Functional yet beautiful and awe-inspiring.

One of the most rewarding experiences of getting Nissi to this point has been the wonderful people we have met and formed beautiful relationships and partnerships with along the way! We honestly didn’t anticipate how inspirational that side of starting this business would be and can hand on heart say, that regardless of what the future holds, we are just so happy to have gone through the process to reach this point and are so grateful for the incredible support we have received from other like minded people running small businesses.

So many incredible women who inspire us daily and whose stories we are honoured to bring to you.

Tash & Dee xx

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