Golden Groves ~ the intersection of Greece and Australia. Located on the southernmost tip of mainland Europe, the Mani Peninsula in southern Greece is home to Golden Groves, Australia’s newest Extra Virgin Olive Oil brand. An ode to Mediterranean living, Golden Groves brings its sun drenched, cold pressed, organic olive oil to your tables, in the hopes that the taste of this liquid gold will evoke nostalgic memories of long, leisurely lunches in sleepy tavernas alongside the Aegean Sea.

Golden Groves' philosophy is one steeped in Greek tradition. Drawing on the principles of ancient minds, they champion the belief that food is medicine, and that the pursuit of simple pleasures in life is the pinnacle of human happiness. Food and friendship are at the heart of their ethos, as there is no greater pleasure in life than the simplicity of sharing a good meal with those you love most. Golden Groves' oil is intended to not only feed your body, but your soul through the nourishment that accompanies enjoying a meal with those you love most.